A city in Illinois is starting to feel a lot like the movie, "Footloose," by banning any liquor sales after midnight.

Cicero Bans Any Kind Of Liquor Sales After Midnight

It seems weird in this day and age to have any sort of ban on liquor sales. In some places like a casino, you can purchase booze 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can even purchase drinks in bars in to-go cups to take with you.

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There are some places just like the town in the movie, "Footloose," but you don't see it very often anymore. Back when I was growing up, when hometown (Villa Park) didn't allow dancefloors in bars. I remember going to Evanston for a Northwestern football game and not being able to buy beer for the tailgate party.

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For years, the city of Cicero was the place to go for late-night drinking. Their bars were open until 3 am. I ended up there a couple of times back in my young drinking days. It's funny because some of the taverns wouldn't even open until 9 or 10 at night because they stayed open so late.

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Cicero Bans Booze Sales After Midnight (Comstock)

Well, apparently over the last couple of years, the Cicero police had their hands full with late-night problems caused by people hanging out at the bars until the wee hours of the morning. Nothing good happens after midnight. The town is having issues with fighting, violence, noise, and damage.

The city had enough so the town council of Cicero passed a new ordinance that bans the sale of liquor of any kind and every place after midnight. The businesses that serve booze are very concerned about this new law. The owners don't believe they can stay in business with these new regulations.

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It will be interesting to see if this new ban on liquor sticks. If it works, other cities could follow and do the same thing. That's a very scary thought. Somebody might have to get Kevin Bacon on the phone to help.

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