Crime has gotten so bad in Illinois, it's not even safe to use a drive-thru anymore.

Crime In Illinois Has Gotten Out Of Hand

I didn't think it was even possible but crime has gotten so much worse in Illinois. Especially in and around Chicago. I have friends that refuse to go into the city anymore because they're afraid. I can totally understand that. It's not worth taking a chance when everything is so unpredictable. You don't want to think about it because that can get scary.

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Experiencing Fast Food Drive-Thru Lane In Illinois

It's bad enough to wait in a fast food drive-thru lane. The lines are usually really long. Of course, you're going to be waiting much longer than you should. There's a good possibility that your order will be completely wrong. Plus, the food will be cold by the day you get home. So much for convenience.

Carjacking In Illinois Fast Food Drive Thru

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Illinois Man Carjacked While Waiting In Drive-Thru Lane

Recently, a man in Lombard decided he needed some late-night food. So just before 3 AM, he makes a stop at the local McDonald's. Since it was so late or early, depending on how you want to look at it. The restaurant dining room wasn't open, so the customer was forced to use the drive-thru.

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The victim placed his order and was waiting for his food. At this point, two masked armed men approached his car. They forced him out of the vehicle and stole it. I wonder if he ever got his meal? The police went after the suspects in a high-speed chase. The thieves eventually crashed and were arrested.

20 of The Best and Worst Illinois Mugshots

Say cheese, Illinois!

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