Sometimes your basic human instinct will give you that feeling when things just aren't right and in this Illinois case, there should've been alarms going off.

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight In Illinois

I'm sure you've heard that old saying, "Nothing good happens after midnight." The funny thing is that I really do believe that statement. The majority of the time I found myself getting into some trouble was definitely after the clock strikes 12. Of course, I've got the perfect example to share with you.

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This situation occurred in Joilet. You could see so many red flags for that evening to start out, there was no way the night would go by without incident. Think about the location, it's a bar parking lot. The vehicle in question is a party bus. As you could guess, the math is pretty easy. A party bus plus a bar equals very drunk folks. Oh by the way, the police were called at 3:12 am (Saturday into Sunday). That's way off the midnight cut-off for trouble.

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Illinois Party Bus Driver Arrested

Illinois Party Bus Driver Was Arrested For Using Vehicle As Weapon

This party bus driver decided it was a much better idea to get wasted at a bar instead of making sure he gets passengers around safely. After a few hours of drinking inside the tavern, the suspect got into a fight with another customer outside in the parking lot. That guy tried taking off with his friends in their car. That's when things got ugly.

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The driver hopped into the party bus and smashed it into the other vehicle. He did it multiple times trying the knock it over on its side. The police arrived on the scene and the suspect drove off. Before leaving the parking lot, he crashed into more cars. After a few blocks, the drunk guy took off runnings from the bus. By the way, there were passengers the whole time.

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The police were able to catch him. Unfortunately, he tried to fight so they had to taser the suspect. He was arrested for 22 different charges. Pretty impressive for a total idiot. The only bus he'll be taking any time soon is to jail.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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