A Wisconsin resident freaked out over what they discovered while walking on a Lake Michigan beach.

Taking Advantage Of Nice Weather In Wisconsin

We've been pretty lucky in our area this winter. The weather could've been much worst. Still, it sucks being stuck indoors for a couple of months. When we get an opportunity with a little taste of spring, people head outside. Especially, when it comes to exercising. The fresh air makes it so much better. A city like Milwaukee is perfect for pleasant nature walks because they are right on Lake Michigan. It's hard to beat a walk on the beach on a nice day.

According to tmj4.com, 

Disturbing Discovery On Wisconsin Beach

It was a mild morning in Wisconsin. A resident of Milwaukee thought it was perfect for a walk. Since they didn't live too far from Lake Michigan, the decision was made for a stroll on the beach. The citizen was enjoying the exercise until they happened about something pretty darn disgusting. It was a human leg. Could imagine enjoying a nice spring walk on the beach when it's ruined by finding a human leg? That would freak anyone out.

Human Leg Found On Milwaukee Beach

The witness immediately called the police. During the investigation, officers discover more human remains in that area. No other details have been released at this time.

Human remains were discovered at Bradford Beach early Monday morning, according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office (MCSO).


MCSO detectives opened an investigation and additional remains were discovered in the same general vicinity, but have not yet been determined whether they are human or animal.

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