There's a new phone scam that has hit Wisconsin residents and it's getting folks super irritated. WeAreGreenBay

The Sheriff's Office of Door County Wisconsin, is letting people know that NO ONE from "Homeland Security" will be calling them at home.

So here's the deal, someone that refers to themselves as “Special Agent John Miller” is placing phone calls to people living in Wisconsin. The "Special Agent" is calling from a California phone number and demanding, DEMANDING personal information from the Wisconsin resident that they are calling.

If "Special Agent John Miller" doesn't get the response that he wants, and the answers he is demanding...He will get, let's say "testy" and aggressive with the caller. They are trying to get personal information out of you...and obviously will go to any length to get it. Along with the California call, you could receive a call from a New Jersey number as well. Man, this "Special Agent John Miller" sure does get around!

Here is a Facebook post from the Door County Sheriff's office:


Seems that this is a thing up north, check this out!

Theresa McKone Hoelzel - I got a few calls like that from homeland security well scams . I did one thing and hang up. I say what's us my name I never heard you say my name . I said well my name is . Click

Marilynn Marlow - Don't answer unless I know the number

Audra Pichette - My phone company put my phone set that if I get any spam calls that I'll know rite away if it's spam. I got few of those couple days ago

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