If you're driving down a Wisconsin road during the middle of the night and think you've seen something strange like a ghost, there's a good chance that street is haunted.

Where To Find Paranormal Activity In Wisconsin

Though many people will stay as far away as possible from any sort of ghost activity, there are some who will seek it out. Most of the time, a successful search can happen in a home, building, or cemetery. There is one place that flies under the ghost radar. Did you know there's paranormal activity on the streets?

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Haunted Roads In Wisconsin

Haunted Roads In Wisconsin

Three of the most haunted roads in the United States are located in Wisconsin.

According to Travel and Leisure,

Drawing on local folklore, legends, and drivers’ personal experiences, Commercial Truck Trader rounded up some of the spookiest roads across the United States.


  • Bloody Bride Bridge in Stevens Point: A young bride was killed in a car accident on the way to her wedding.

She continues to haunt drivers passing by at night, sometimes making an appearance in the back seat of unsuspecting drivers' vehicles or showing up in the rearview mirror, so keep your eyes peeled.

  • Boy Scout Lane in Stevens Point: A boy scout troop disappeared in this area and you can hear them laughing in the woods.

Though there’s no proof that this actually happened, the isolated, dead-end road definitely makes an eerie setting.

  • Riverside Cemetery on Owaissa Street in Appleton:particular area has three different stories about Kate Blood's grave. One says she killed her family with an axe. Another is about the woman's husband murdering her. Finally, is she died of tuberculosis.

Riverside Cemetery in Appleton is no stranger to paranormal experiences — people claim to have spotted the ghosts of mourners from a different era dressed in old-fashioned clothing here.

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