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The Most Famous Road In Illinois

There are many famous roads in Illinois but I think there's one that stands above the rest. That is Route 66. The reason is because of the long history of this important street. Back in the day, it was the highway to take across the country. Even though it's not as popular as in the past, many people will take it for fun road trips. To this day, you can still find many fun roadside attractions.

Famous Route 66 Restaurant In Illinois

As you're cruising down Route 66 in Illinois and you get hungry, there's a famous restaurant you might want to check out. That's the Launching Pad in Wilmington. There is a special reason why this place catches the eye of travelers.

Famous Roadside Attraction At The Launching Pad Restaurant In Illinois

Like many of the businesses on Route 66, the Launching Pad restaurant has its own famous roadside attraction. I'm sure you've at least seen pictures of the Giant Gemini Statue. It's a 30-foot-tall statue of a spaceman holding a rocket ship which was built in honor of the Gemini Space Program in the United States.

The Launching Pad Restaurant And Gemini Giant Statue Are For Sale

This iconic landmark on Route 66 is for sale. It includes the restaurant and statue. The asking price is $1.4 million. The current owners recently spent a lot of time and money getting it back into working order. The place means a lot to them but it's time to move on. For more info, HERE.

According to patch.com, 

One of America's Historic Route 66 treasures, Wilmington's Launching Pad restaurant featuring the famous Gemini Giant statue, just became for sale this week.


One of the 'Top 100 Essential Stops on Route 66' it's quite the tourist spot for hundreds of people a week, who stop by to take photos and tour the property.

Tiny Illinois Town is in Guinness Book of World Records 12 Times

One very small Illinois town has built themselves into a giant across the globe and I'll bet you didn't even know. Neither did I. A whole lotta wow going on.

Gallery Credit: Steve Shannon

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