This Illinois thief had a pretty good scam going until the police finally caught up with him and threw the suspect in jail.

Great Scams Fool Illinois Residents All The Time

There have always been scams in Illinois but I think because of technology, computers, and the internet they have become a lot more common. Just a few years ago, it didn't come across your mind every so often. Is this a scam? Nowadays, there are so many scammers out and about your whole thought process had to change. Now it's, is this real? I think it's pretty sad. By the way, not all scams are complicated or on the web.

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Fake Janitor Robs Illinois Apartments

Pulling Off A Good Old Fashion Scam In Illinois

I'm kind of surprised that this doesn't happen more often because it seems like a pretty straightforward scam. The key is being really good at it. I guess that would be difficult to pull off. That would be to fake something you aren't. For example, pretend to be a stockboy at a grocery store to steal merchandise.

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Fake Janitor Steals From Illinois Apartment Complex

This guy had the perfect scam going until he got caught. It happened at an apartment complex in Champaign. In a bigger place like that, they have their own maintenance crew because there are so many renters. He pretended to be a janitor. That way he could go throughout the building and apartments without a problem. He would go into unlocked places and steal valuables.

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Eventually, one of the residents thought he looked suspicious, so he called the cops. With a quick investigation of what was going on, they arrested the thief. When he was busted, the suspect was drinking out of a liquor bottle he took from one of the apartments.

The Most Bizarre Items Ever Stolen From Illinois Residents

My mom once told me that "people will steal anything that's not nailed down." Times certainly have changed since then. The thieves now have nail removers.

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