A man that had been drinking heavily takes the argument with his roommate to the next level when he pulls out a cane sword.

An Argument Between Illinois Roommates Gets Scary 

Let's travel south to central Illinois and the city of Champaign. There's a frightening situation between roommates. Arguments happen with people living in an apartment all the time but this time it's different. There was a threat of violence.

According to news-gazzette.com, 

The downfall between the roommates started when the first roomy, Jeremiah, started drinking a lot. That caused him to begin acting strange. One evening, he pulled out a cane sword. In my mind, that's a big red flag because who owns one of those? I would move out immediately, well, after calling the cops.

He put the weapon up to his roommate's throat. Then, Jeremiah ordered his friend to kill him. I'm a little confused because he was the one holding the cane sword. He threatened him by saying if his roomy didn't go through with the murder, then he would die instead.

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The terrified man did the smart thing and called 911. When the police arrived, they questioned Jeremiah and he explained that the whole thing was a joke. The suspect told the officers that that blade wasn't even sharp and couldn't cut anyone. They arrested him.

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