A fight between a pair of neighbors in Illinois turns crappy.

Many Neighbors In Illinois Aren't Friendly Anymore

I remember growing up in the suburbs. Everyone in my neighborhood knew each and got along. There were many block parties and other fun activities on our street. If there were any issues between people they could easily just work it out.

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It's not like that anymore. Nobody hangs out. In fact, folks don't even know their neighbors these days. Disagreements can get ugly. Lots of times the police even need to be involved.

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Group Of Friends Having Outdoor Barbeque At Home In Garden
Dog Poop On Neighbor's Porch

Illinois Woman Gets Revenge On Neighbor

It was a nice day, so a man in Elmhurst decided to take his dog for a walk. When he got back, he found a bag of poop on his porch. He knew it wasn't an old-school practical joke because it wasn't on fire. He realized it was his neighbor that did it.

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I'm guessing she found dog poop in her yard and wasn't happy about it. I can understand that. I don't have a dog and it makes me angry when I find puppy do-do on my lawn. I'm hoping she has some sort of evidence like video footage because it could be any dog in the neighborhood. There are definitely many better ways to handle this situation. Now, the cops are involved and the whole thing has gotten ugly.

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According to patch.com,

An Elmhurst man told police that after walking his dog, a neighbor placed a bag of dog feces by his back door, authorities said.


Police Car Lights
Dog Poop On Neighbor's Porch

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