A pair of Illinois thieves stole some very expensive shoes that caused an insane high-speed police chase.

One Of The Most Dangerous Parts Of Being A Police Officer In Illinois

You have to respect police officers in Illinois. Every day they show up for work, they're putting their lives on the line. So many of their duties are so dangerous. One of the scariest things they have to face is the high-speed chase. Traveling so fast makes it hard to quickly react when innocent bystanders get in the way. There are just way too many chances for tragedy.

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Police car on the street
High-Speed Police Chase In Illinois

Most Recent High-Speed Chase In Illinois

The most recent high-speed police chase in Illinois just happened a couple of days ago. It occurred during the day while there were a lot of drivers out and about on the streets. It had snowed earlier in the day, so the road was slick in many spots. Not the ideal environment for a high-speed police chase with vehicles going double the speed limit.

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The incident started at a strip mall in Oak Brook. The suspects lead the police through just neighborhood streets and never even hit the highway. The criminals were finally stopped after an accident in Maywood. Luckily, no one was seriously injured,

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What Started This High-Speed Police Chase In Illinois?

A pair of thieves walked into a Nike store in Oak Brook. They grabbed three pairs of Air Jordan shoes valued at almost $400. Then, they ran out of the store and jumped into the getaway vehicle. Local police tried pulling them over but the suspects refused. It became a very dangerous situation until the car was stopped. All that because of three pairs of shoes. I know they're Air Jordan but is that worth it?

According to patch.com,

A man and a woman were arrested after a high-speed chase in connection with a retail theft at an Oak Brook store, authorities said.

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