In recent months, there have been multiple sightings in Illinois of these three different species of dangerous animals not native to our state.

Dangerous Wild Animals Coming To Illinois

Is it just me or has there been an influx of dangerous wild animals not native to Illinois wandering into our state? It seems like every time I'm checking out the news on the internet, I read about another incident. In the past, all we really had to worry about was hitting a deer with our car or getting sprayed by a skunk.

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Now, there are bears, alligators, and bobcats to just name a few. You usually don't see these kinds of creatures in our state except maybe in a zoo. These occurrences aren't just a one-time thing. They are happening multiple times with several different animals. It's kind of scary because it's not the type of animals you want to spot in your backyard, especially for the safety of your family and pets.

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Dangerous Animal Sighting In Illinois

Recently, there have been three different species of dangerous animals not from Illinois spotted several times in our state. I'm sure you've seen social media posts about them. They are...

  • Black Bears
Black bear in the wild
Dangerous Animals Sightings In Illinois
  • Cougars
Cougar Spotted Roaming in Belvidere & Rockford Backyards
Dangerous Animals Sightings In Illinois
  • Gray Wolves
werewolf in yellowstone
Dangerous Animals Sightings In Illinois

According to,

Why Are These Wild Animals Coming To Illinois?

Research conducted at Southern Illinois University indicates that less than 15 percent of Illinois contains habitat that would support a small population of bears, wolves, or mountain lions.


But because all three species are highly mobile and capable of traveling long distances, it is possible that traveling individuals may be observed in any part of the state.

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