Riding on the CTA trains in Chicago is an adventure but on this day, commuters witnessed something they've never seen before.

The Experience Of Riding Public Transportation In Chicago

When I go to Chicago for an event, concert, or game I prefer to take public transportation whenever possible. There's so much traffic, it just makes traveling in the city so much easier and cheaper.

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There is also a bonus for using public transportation in Chicago. You never know what you'll see. Trust me, every time I've taken the "L" train into the city, I've experienced something out of the ordinary. This one could top anything that I might've witnessed.

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Crab Spotted Riding CTA Train In Chicago

As Chicago residents were taking the train to work, they were surprised by a special passenger taking up a seat. Someone had brought a crab on board. Of course, immediately people started posting videos and pictures on social media. The sea creature went viral.

No one knows where the crab came from or what happened to it but the animal didn't seem to mind the ride or attention. I guess that's a good way to get a whole row of seats to yourself.

According to nbcchicago.com,

We all know commutes can make or break a day, but some riders were stuck with one very crabby passenger on a Chicago Transit Authority train -- literally.


It would appear openly carrying a crab onto a CTA train does, however, violate the agency's code of conduct.

Not The First Incident Involving Sea Creatures During The Past Week In Chicago

A few days earlier, a man riding a CTA train had several containers of shrimp which he dumped on the seat next to him. He ate some but left the rest. Just another weird incident on Chicago public transportation.

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