Four members of the Chicago "Goonie Gang" are set to face trial this May. They raised hell in Englewood, Illinois and bragged about it while they were doing it. Suntimes

Over 50,000 Facebook posts, t-shirts made and worn by the "Goonie Gang," these guys terrorized and had citizens on edge fearing for their lives.

From 2014 to 2018 the "Goonie Gang" were responsible for at least 10 murders, lots more non-fatal shootings and a whole bunch of crime. Some of these murders include shooting other members of the Goonie Gang, because it was believed that they were working along side the cops. There was a code that the Goonie Gang used for shooting another member, "walk him to the backyard." How scary is that, yikes.

There was also a very large Michigan to Illinois gun trafficking event that went well as a gun store in Southern Illinois that fell victim to the Goonie Gang.

Romeo “O Dog” Blackman, Terrance Smith, Jolicious “JoJo” Turman, and Nathaniel McElroy will go to trial on May 15th of this year. An inmate wearing a wire, recorded confessions of one of the murders.

Here's an example of the fear, terror, and reality of the "Goonie Gang."

“A Goonie member entered a barbershop filled with customers — including a child in the barber’s chair getting a haircut — shot repeatedly at his target, missed and killed [Sias] sitting in a chair waiting to get a haircut.” Prosecutor Smith

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