I'm calling it now: Illinois has the worst drivers in America.

We are so car accident-prone in Illinois, it's like it's just part of our DNA at this point.

It's probably because half this state doesn't utilize all the functions in our vehicles, like turn signals when changing lanes.

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If you're ever driving down a busy street, like East State Street in Rockford, you'll see all sorts of drivers.  I like to categorize them to pass the time in traffic:

- The Nervous Nelly: They drive well under the speed limit and take their sweet time like nobody else is around.

- The Spacy Driver: This person doesn't pay attention to anybody or anything.  They just vibe to the sound of their broken air conditioner.

- The Tailgater: Oh no.  If you love riding my trunk, how about you get in it?

- The MultitaskerPutting on makeup, texting, changing songs on your phone, or even eating a full blown meal while driving.

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And the most common type of driver in Illinois: The Lane Changer


I have never been to any other city in America with more drivers who don't use their turn signals.  It's in your car for a reason... SO USE IT!

Sorry, as you can see it really triggers me lol.

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Illinois Is The Worst State For Not Using Turn Signals

Just yesterday, I was minding my business on North 2nd Street and at least 3 cars just changed lanes without signaling.  It's even worse when they cut you off and give no notice they're even trying to switch lanes.

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If you're the Lane Changer who doesn't believe in flipping on that turn signal, don't be surprised when I'm flipping the bird out my window.

You've been warned.

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