A burger chain that continues to gain acclaim outside of the Midwest customer after satisfied customer is getting some recognition for a sandwich I don't really consider when hitting this place up.

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Mashed just sent out their list of the finest Fast Food Chain Reuben Sandwiches and I was stunned to see this Wisconsin-based restaurant near the top:

For the Midwestern joint to call it a "melt" was a wise choice; the taste is buttery, crunchy, and just tangy enough to zip across the palate without overstepping the punch. The corned beef is "hand-trimmed" to a succulent tenderness, while the (Wisconsin-made) Swiss is the sort of upgrade our tummies yearn for. Due to the elevated ingredients Culver's famously uses, it's no wonder that many food items — including, of course, the Reuben — garner loads of fawning, flattering comparisons.

Of all the trips I have made to local Culver's restaurants I have never once considered ordering a Reuben.

While it sounds delicious there are some who disagree on the Reuben at Culver's.

Michael V. on Yelp said "The only thing I'm not happy with is the Reuben. I love Reubens, but the ones they serve here are very skimpy and bland."

However, GroovySauce.com has different ideas, "This sandwich is a thing of beauty and I think if you love Reubens you’ll agree."

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the Culver's Reuben is the price.

I started an order with the Culver's in Winnebago, Illinois and the sandwich by itself will set you back $6.99. When it comes to fast food, that's pretty steep.

Then again, it's a small price to pay to have one of the best fast food Reubens sandwiches in America.

What do you think? What fast food joint makes the best Reuben in America?

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