With the amount of crime we have in the state of Illinois, it's better to be safe than sorry when throwing away big ticketed items on trash day.

Everybody's garbage day is different, mine is... on Wednesday, I think.  I'm really bad at remembering, so I try to get all my trash out by Monday morning.



Usually it's just food I'm throwing out, but I just bought a new TV for my bedroom and the box it came in is enormous.  I was going to put the box out on the curb, but decided to cut it up and break it down for one really important reason.

One Thing You Shouldn't Leave Visible On Trash Day In Illinois

If thieves know you just went on a shopping spree, that could compel them to break into your house in search of the item.

Just recently bought new electronics, large ticketed items like TVs, speakers, laptops, or even cellphones?  Make sure the packaging isn't visible sitting on your curb for trash day.

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I saw four different houses have TV boxes sitting out today and I realized those homes are kind of targets for theft.

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Your best bet is to cut up the packaging, break it down, and tie it all together so it just looks like cardboard.  It's sad that we have to think to do this, but this day in age anything can happen.

Plus, breaking it down makes it easier for the garbage men!

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