Ever noticed how people are just so bad at driving?  In Illinois, we could all use a refresher on the rules of the road because, clearly, we forgot what's legal behind the wheel.

I'm not saying I'm the best driver in the world, but I have gotten in one car accident in my lifetime and it wasn't my fault.  I was headed down Auburn Street toward the "wreck-it-roundabout" when I stopped for a school bus and the van behind me plowed into my backseat.  C'mon now, give people room to stop at a moment's notice!

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Anyway, it seems to be a trend to run red lights, roll through stop signs, and not use turn signals these days.  It's actually wild what the most popular traffic violations are that people commit.


Top 5 Traffic Violations Drivers Break The Most In Illinois

5. Distracted Driving

4. Operating a Vehicle Without a License or Insurance

3. Speeding

2. Driving without a seatbelt on

You'll never guess what landed at #1.  Take a wild guess...

#1: Failure to stop at a stop sign and running red lights

Why is it so hard to make a full stop at a stop sign?  I've never understood that.

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If you're in a hurry somewhere, maybe you should've left earlier.  If you're an impatient driver (the worst kind of driver in my opinion!), you need a reality check because we're all headed to a destination and want to get there in one piece.

Maybe if we all just took a deep breath, slowed down, had more patience, and were more aware of our surroundings on the road we wouldn't get so many traffic tickets.  Just a thought!

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