Since summer is a hot topic right now, I figured I'd go on a little rant about the #1 most infuriating thing whenever I go to a waterpark.

Every time summer rolls around, I get flashbacks to my first job ever at a water park.  Yeah, no.. it wasn't as pleasant as you'd think haha.

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I was 16, working at the concession stands selling pretzels and mini donuts, and waterpark-goers had just cleared the Wave Pool for a short break.

Everyone started lining up to get a quick snack and this is when I realized I never wanted to work with money again.

Yuck! One Of The Worst Things About Illinois Waterparks

When people pull wet, wadded up cash out of any part of their swimsuit.

It's slimy, soaking wet, sometimes warm... to make matters worse, you have to keep the wet money in your cash register afterwards and give it to the next customer who needs change.  EW!


Where does this rank on my top 5 List Of Worst Things About Waterparks?

#1: Anybody walking barefoot into the Waterpark's public bathroom 

#2: Pulling wet money out from any part of your swimsuit

#3: Carrying giant tubes up the tall staircase for a waterslide

#4: Hearing "Code Brown" in the water... or on a tube

#5: Overcrowding in the Wave Pool

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So, there's my big pet peeve list about waterparks... especially ones in Illinois because I've been to far too many here haha.

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