At some point in our lives, we all have a "yolo" moment. Mine happened to be at an Illinois tattoo shop with a complete stranger.

I've always been a spontaneous person. For some reason, I love making on-the-spot decisions, going on impromptu adventures, and, taking in new experiences even if that means with people I have never met before. Makes life way more tolerable!

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I went a different route this time with my "spontaneity"...

I've never done something as impulsive as this, though.


Illinois Woman Gets Mystery Tattoo Chosen By Complete Stranger

I announced on the radio if someone paid for my next tattoo, they got to choose the design and I had no say in what it was. Not thinking anyone would do it, a very sweet woman, Liz, reached out minutes later and said she’d pay for my tat!

She already knew which design I was getting, too. A prepared woman - I love it!

I met up with Liz at Marengo Tattoo and Piercing.  She said she picked this design for me because it would be on my skin forever and she didn't want me to regret getting it.
What did Liz choose for my tattoo?  A crescent moon with crystals and stars!
Liz got a quote that says "You Are Enough" for herself.
Both super pretty designs, take a look!
attachment-our tattoos
We documented the entire journey on my TikTok and it was hands down the most spontaneous thing I’ve done all year.  Who knew the best part of my year would be with a stranger? Life works in mysterious ways!
Enjoy my full tattoo journey below!

'Stranger Picks My Next Tattoo' - @Emily.Manisone on TikTok

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