If you've always believed that you'd never have the chance to walk the red carpet, think again.  This Rockford girl proves shooting for the stars can totally become reality!

When I was a kid, I always told my parents I'd meet celebrities, work with movie stars, and live the life every kid could only imagine.  I made a lot of those dreams come true when I was in college.

Now, I'm so excited to see someone else living their dreams at such a young age and she happens to be from Rockford!

Rockford Native Walked The Orange Carpet At Kid's Choice Awards

Her name is Nadie, aka Life With Nadie on social media.

She's an Actress, Author, Podcaster, Kidrepreneur Coach, and Journalist who got the chance to be on the Orange Carpet at the Kid's Choice Awards!  Nadie got to interview the most talent child stars, entertainers, and TV personalities.

Life With Nadie - FB
Life With Nadie - FB

After interviewing tons of celebrities at the Kid's Choice Awards, Nadie posted tons of videos to her social media pages for all to see.

I got to work the orange carpet as press, interview some amazing talent, meet some new and old friends, and enjoy a dope live show! [Life With Nadie]

One of my favorite videos is Nadie interviewing Lil Uzi Vert.  His hair is KILLER!

Nadie might just be a Journalist this year, but just you wait.

Next year, she will definitely be a shining star and be nominated for an award.  It's only a matter of time with the motivation and adrenaline she brings to the industry!

Life With Nadie - FB
Life With Nadie - FB

Shoot for the stars, girly - congrats on this rare opportunity!  Rockford proud.

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