Summer is ALMOST here, so you better be ready to take some extended lunch breaks and check out one of the best summer lunch spots in town. 

Lunch isn't something I think too much about each day, for the past ten years I've been eating my lunch at my desk, which sometimes is efficient and necessary and sometimes let's face it, it's just sad!

Especially when it gets so warm out that it's freezing inside, you gotta get out there!

So, I made some lunch plans with a friend and she said, Michelle you pick the restaurant!.

But wait, where should we go? What restaurants are even open for lunch?

I thought I'd ask the internet, so I did and that's when I realized the answer was already in my brain. Prairie Street Brewing Co. 

Nothing's better than an outdoor lunch right next to the river! And you know that food is pretty delicious too.

Which takes me to that Trolley Burger.

Once upon a time, Sweet Lenny and I did a video series called Ate One Five and one of our stops was at Prairie Street where I thought that grilled piece of cheese was actually a pancake. I mean, I didn't know!

Those onion rings too, man, they are delish.

Where's your favorite spot for lunch?

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