We love hearing about new businesses opening up around the Stateline.  News broke that a delicious soup shop is opening inside Loves Park's Dairy Depot.

Sure, you can get soup anywhere.  Nothing tastes better than a homestyle soup straight from mama's kitchen, though.  Am I wrong?!

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If you love soup, especially during fall and winter, Mama's Feel Good Food is coming to the Stateline!  I had the pleasure of trying their soup recently and boy... it was something.

And yes... I took bites out of the bread before I took the picture.  It was too tempting.

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Loves Park Welcomes Delicious Soup Shop Inside Dairy Depot

Mama's Feel Good Food posted to Facebook announcing that they'll be opening their shop inside Dairy Depot during their off-season, which is a great way to occupy the space!

"It's soup season y'all!
We are SOUP-er excited to announce our new home for serving up all your favorite comfort food cravings will officially be at our local Dairy Depot in Loves Park. That's right! Coming this Fall, Mama's Feel Good Food will be moving into the neighborhood. You know, just to keep things warm and cozy until the folks over at the Depot are back next summer."
Mama's Feel Good Food - FB
Mama's Feel Good Food - FB

In the next couple weeks, they will announce their Grand Opening date, but for now you can get a glimpse of all their delicious soups and homemade bread on their socials.

Their first ever soup created was Mama's Boys Baked Potato Soup. I'm not sure if I tried this one, but it does look reaaaally good!

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Mama's Feel Good Food - FB
Mama's Feel Good Food - FB

For all you soup lovers out there, get ready to try not only one cup of soup, but maybe a sample of all of them with their soup flights!

As of right now, you can get three soups and two servings of bread so you can get a taste of everything if you're indecisive.

While we wait for them to open, plenty of other local restaurants are serving up soups you can try.  Mary's MarketAlpine View RestaurantMr. C's are just a few!

Mama's Feel Good Food - FB
Mama's Feel Good Food - FB

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Mama's Feel Good Food will be located inside the space where Dairy Depot is currently at in Loves Park - 5413 N 2nd St, Loves Park, IL.

Other places I heard have really good soup are 3 B's cafe, Sunrise Family Restaurant, Johnny Pamcakes, and Sips and Sprinkles.  Maybe we should take a trip around the Stateline and try them all this fall!

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