Living in Illinois, there are so many different hobbies you can take interest in.  From biking, to camping, to bowling, the options are endless.

From a really young age, I was always a major tomboy (my parents always said that lol).  I loved basketball, WWE, playing video games, and was always getting dirty from playing outside 24/7.

attachment-emily as a child

My favorite thing to play with was my RipStik... 'til the street lights came on.

A RipStik isn't a skateboard... it's more of a combination between a surfboard and snowboard, but on two wheels.  Once I got into high school, my RipStik just vanished.

Now, as a 25-year-old woman, I decided I needed a hobby that was more physical-focused.  That's when I decided to take up RikStiking again.


Illinois Woman's Hobby Is Pretty Rare To See Among Adults

I went to Sinnissippi Bike Path and I don't know why, but I felt slightly dumb using it in front of other adults because I thought they would judge me for it.  You don't see many adults riding them.

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After riding it down the bike path, a guy sitting at a bench near the Conservatory yelled, "Yo, is it hard to do?" and the sensation of relief just shivered through my body.

I told him it's not difficult for me and he said, "I'd eat sh*t if I tried." 

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Tons of stares as I continued my way down Sinnissippi, but after that guy's comment I felt so much more confident in being in public with it.


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It might not be a hobby a lot of people would enjoy or consider interesting, but all I know is I'm good at it, it gets me moving, and keeps my mind occupied on days I just can't seem to put it to rest.


So, if you're thinking about taking up a hobby that you're afraid others might think is dumb or not "worthwhile," forget about them.  Do what you love and enjoy the time you have here!

Don't worry what anybody else has to say because only YOUR happiness matters.

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