Calling all Illinois Ranch lovers!  Make room in your freezer, Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream is about to hit Walmart shelves near you.

I'm not a ranch type of girl, does that say something about me?

Probably makes me unlikeable to half the world lol.

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Out of all the dressings you can pick from for your chicken nuggets, fries, hamburgers, and wings, do you pick ranch every time?

Don't be afraid to say yes because it's the most popular condiment in the Midwest.

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I have a handful of friends who would bathe in ranch if they could.

So when I heard the news that Hidden Valley Ranch is releasing an ice cream, I knew my friends would go crazy about it.

Illinois Walmart Stores Debuting Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream

Walmart and Hidden Valley Ranch partnered to give you Van Leeuwen x Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream.  Yeah, you heard that right.

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One of my friends, Michelle, got a taste of it before anybody else and I am actually pretty jealous.  Not because I want to taste Ranch-flavored ice cream, but it's the experience that I don't wanna miss out on!

I also love the caption on Hidden Valley Ranch's Instagram post, too lol.



For only a limited time starting Monday, March 20th, you crazy Ranch-obsessed humans can stock up on the exclusive flavor only sold at Walmart.

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