Check your lottery tickets, Illinoisans!  Someone just won big money playing the Mega Millions this past Tuesday night.

I buy lottery tickets online because I get too anxious asking for a lotto ticket at the gas station.  It paid off for one online player in Illinois, too!

They played the Mega Millions online and matched all six numbers:

19, 37, 40, 63, 69, 17

A jackpot of $560 million.  If the winner decides to take the cash option, they'll receive roughly $264 million.  Not a bad deal if all you had to spend was $2 for a ticket!

Mega Millions Prize Passes $1 Billion
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Now that's life-changing money.  They haven't announced the winner's name and I highly doubt they'll show their face when they get their giant check.

Now that the jackpot is won, it'll reset to $20 million for the next drawing on Friday, June 7th. So, there’s still a chance to become a millionaire in the next draw!

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Two other tickets also had big wins.

One in Maryland - matched all five white balls and won $1 million.

One in California - matched all five white balls and won $285,828.

Mega Millions Jackpot Nears $1.55 Billion And New Record
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Whether you buy your ticket in a store or online, you have a chance to hit the jackpot. The next drawing is just around the corner, and the prize is starting at $20 million. Who knows? Maybe the next big winner will be you.

What would be the first thing you buy when you get your jackpot winnings?

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