Ever been called out for something for the entire internet to see?  Well, it happened to me and it was all caught on video at the Stroll on State parade in Rockford, Illinois.

My sister, Kristen, is a very popular creator on TikTok.  With over 330,000 followers and a fanbase that fully supports her publicly "consensually doxxing" people, it was only a matter of time that she exposes me, her baby sister.

[Left to right: Me, Kristen, K]

Via Emily
Via Emily

Like sisters do, we were arguing about something extremely petty and it lead to me blocking Kristen on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and even through text.

I forgot to unblock her after a few days... well, more like a few weeks.

So, Kristen drove from Chicago to Rockford to see me in the Stroll on State parade.  Mind you, I was also wearing a cupcake costume - not the best outfit to make amends with someone (lol).

Via Emily
Via Emily

What did Kristen do as I walked by her in the parade?  She pulled out her phone, started recording, and called me out for blocking her on everything.

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Then, she posted the TikTok that has reached over 700,000 views already.

It's very relatable to anybody who has siblings.  You argue, you block each other, you make up with them shortly after.... or you just make a video and call them out.

Over 1,000 comments later, people have been asking if I unblocked my sister.

The answer is yes.  YES, I UNBLOCKED KRISTEN.

She made an update video letting everybody know we're on good terms now.  Everyone thought I was trying to hide in the van from her, but really I was grabbing her a cookie!

This is a normal thing I do when I get into arguments with my sisters, but at the end of the day we still love each other.  It just happened to be caught on video this time...

What's the pettiest reason you stopped talking to your siblings? I need to know!


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