While you might be stopping at the gas station to keep your car running... you know what's going to make you happy is actually waiting inside the station, for $1.

I've been told I can write a story about anything and I plan to prove that to you right now.

It's a good story though, I promise.

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This weekend I drove back and forth to Rockford and the suburbs three times and that meant I needed to fill up my tank. Usually I'm just trying to get from point A to point B or C ASAP, but Sunday morning, I felt the need to go inside the gas station at the Belvidere Oasis.

I was looking for Bubbl'r, which they did NOT have and I was pretty disappointed. I tried to find a proper substitution and I picked up some watermelon water can for about $3 and was headed to the cash register, when something else caught my eye.

A Slurpee.


When was the last time I even had a Slurpee? I couldn't tell you, but now I know it was May 14, 2023.

How Much Do Slurpees Cost These Days?

And let me tell you, that Slurpee was fantastic... and it was $1.

The smallest bottled waters in the station were all over $2, yet this perfect blue raspberry drink from my childhood was still just $1?

How have I been missing out on Slurpees for all of these years?

You better believe I'm going to be drinking Slurpees all summer for that price.

Though I will note that I wanted to cash in my lottery ticket there and they don't have machines in that location, just in case you were wondering.

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