With Halloween being only a few weeks away, there's a popular decoration in Illinois that could be extremely deadly if you set it up outside.

Halloween in 2023 might have a record-breaking year.  It's estimated that Americans will spend over $12 billion on costumes, candy, and decorations.

"They’re not just spending on candy and costumes: 77% of those celebrating the holiday expect to buy decorations, with total spending in that category anticipated to be $3.9 billion." [nrf]


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My parents never really got into the whole "spooky spirit" or went all out with Halloween decorations in our front yard.  The only part of the yard I was allowed to decorate was one giant bush with fake cobwebs.

Well, my parents won't be buying those anymore.

If you're planning to spice up your front yard with spooky stuff this year, you might want to think again after hearing this news.


Illinoisans, This Popular Halloween Decoration Could Be Deadly

It's peak season where we'll see life-sized skeletons, faux light-up pumpkins, tombstones, and fake cobwebs in peoples' yards across the country.

As cool as they look at night, sometimes they do more damage to wildlife than we think.

If you like buying fake cobwebs for the outside of your house, fake spiderweb decorations can easily kill birds.  It's strong enough to catch an owl, so you can only imagine how hard it must be for small birds to get untangled.

"They get tangled up in it and cannot get out, therefore leading to a slow, agonizing death. In warmer climates, flowers may still be blooming, and bees are still out, the fake webbing can be deadly to them too, as well as butterflies and still migrating hummingbirds." [HSOH]
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So, how can we save an animal's life this holiday season?

  • Clean up all the leftover candy and dispose of any wrappers
  • Avoid decorations with small parts or look appealing to animals
  • Take down string lights if they're accessible to animals like deer
  • Check frequently to see if any animals are caught in your décor

Let's make sure we keep our kids, pets, and wildlife safe this Halloween!

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