When it comes to eats for me, it's usually the big three, pizza, popcorn, and ribs.

In Illinois, there's an abundance of fantastic pizza. All I need to do for popcorn is go to the theater, and I can take care of that craving without a problem.

For ribs, well, that's a bit trickier. I've always been partial to Smokehouse Barbecue during my time in Rockford. When I was living in Chicago, I never missed a chance to chow down on the ribs at the Gale Street Inn.

Pork ribs
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To me, both of those places are the tops for ribs in Illinois.

However, Big Seven Travel has different ideas. Their thoughts are so different they didn't even include Smokehouse or Gale Street in their list of The 50 Best Places for Ribs in America.

Matter of fact, there was only one Illinois BBQ joint on the list, and it's a joint I don't believe I've ever heard of, well, at least until today.

It's called BEAST Craft BBQ Co. located in Belleville and their ribs sound like the truth.

Big Seven Travel:

BEAST Craft BBQ Co. is all about gourmet, specialty meats that are smoked to sheer perfection and come with a great range of homemade sides. It’s best known for the signature pork steak, but we’re here to draw your eyes to the ribs. Premium Duroc pork spare ribs are the best in the state.

Joe K. on Yelp says BEAST Craft has "great ribs and burnt ends" but G M. thinks "the ribs were way over cooked" and Jacob M. added they were also "over sauced."

What do you think? Is BEAST Craft BBQ the absolute best spot for ribs in Illinois?

BEAST Craft BBQ is located at 20 S. Belt W. Belleville, Illinois.

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