Take a look at what happened to this Rockford dad when he tried to take his "grand-dog" for a simple walk in his backyard.  It's too funny!

My dad has always loved dogs.  We had a Maltese, Toby, for almost 20 years and he was my dad's "son" since my dad only had three human daughters.  Toby loved the heck out of my dad! They were best buds.

Us girls are all grown up, Toby crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and my oldest sister now has a Golden Retriever named Plum.  She's a big girl and loves to explore, has tons of energy, and is deathly afraid of fireworks.  When she's ready to run, she runsssss!  If you're holding her leash... better hold on tight!

This is Plum to give you an idea of how cool she is.

attachment-plum golden retriever

My dad was taking Plum for a relaxing walk around his house when she saw a squirrel in the neighbor's yard.  Of course, naturally, she was going to chase it.  No doubt about that haha.

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My dad's security camera not only caught her running toward the squirrel, but it also captured video of my dad getting dragged across the yard.  This is how it went.


With Father's Day just a few weeks ago, I thought I'd share this and add to the #ThatsMyDad trend. If you have any videos or stories of your dad's most hilarious moments, send them to me!

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