After these ice storms and flurries blow over, a free car wash at Tommy's Express in Loves Park sounds like a fantastic idea.

Ever driven past the Rainstorm Car Wash on East State Street in Rockford on the first warm, sunny day in the spring time?  The line is always backed up onto the street!

That's how I think this weekend will look for Tommy's Express in Loves Park.

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Free Car Washes At Tommy's Express In Loves Park This Weekend

"Tommy's Express gives you everything you need to keep your vehicle clean inside and out."

This weekend only, Friday, Feb. 24th, Saturday, Feb. 25th, and Sunday, Feb. 26th you can get your car squeaky clean at Tommy's.  I suggest getting there early if you don't want to be waiting hours!

Where is Tommy's Express located in Loves Park?

Tommy's is over at 6803 Forest Hills Road!  You know, behind Sonic Drive-in at the corner of East Riverside Blvd & Forest Hills Rd.

How much is it for a regular car wash at Tommy's Express?

Monthly Membership Prices: $35/Works, $30/Ultimate, $25/Super and $20/Quality wash.

Single Wash Prices: $20/Works, $15/Ultimate, $12/Super, and $8/Quality wash.

Again, this weekend only on February 24-26th at Tommy's Express you can get a free car wash to clean off all the salt and grime that'll be stuck on your car after this weather we're having.

If their line is too long, check out some other car washes that'll probably be open in the area!

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