When haunted houses aren't quite good enough, thrill-seekers try to find the places in town with the "real" haunts.

And if they're Rockford residents, they don't have to look too far for paranormal weirdness because we have quite a large amount.

Here are five of the most haunted places in Rockford, according to Haunted Places.

1. Coronado Theatre, 314 North Main Street

Ghost Search says, "Theaters very often hold onto place memories whether they are good or bad and these can be heard and recorded as residual tidbits or intelligent responses."

2. Faust Hotel - Faust Landmark, 630 East State Street

The Rock River Times says, "Visitors have reported feeling uneasy on the 11th floor, which used to be the ballroom. In the basement, among a darkened and unused bar and bowling alley, janitorial staff report being watched by unseen eyes."

3. Lucerne's Fondue and Spirits, 845 North Church Street

Haunted Places says, "Mysterious phone calls have been made by an unseen entity, while the lights frequently turn on and off of their own accord."

4. Tinker Swiss Cottage, 411 Kent Street

Mysterious Heartland says, " Another group of paranormal investigators captured an audio recording of a woman’s voice saying, “I don’t like trains… I don’t like trains… Trains bring death” in the library as a train passed by outside."

5. Rockford University, 5050 East State Street

Rock River Times says, "Many campus buildings are said to be haunted. The laughter of past students has been heard in the vicinity of Adams Arch" and a "ghost of either a student or professor reportedly haunts a former radio station in the Burpee Building." While "the Clark Arts Center’s two theaters are also visited by their own phantoms, one of whom is supposed to be the ghost of the building’s architect."

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