Summer is all about concerts and live music. But guess what? It’s also prime time for fake ticket scams targeting festival-goers. Let's talk about it!

When you thought you only needed to be leery of scalpers selling fake concert tickets outside concert venues, there are some next-level characters you need to be on the watch for now.

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So, picture this: You find what seems like a great deal online for tickets to a "new" festival in town. The seller seems legit, the venue looks incredible, the price is perfect and in your budget, and then you buy the tickets. But when the day arrives, there is no actual festival at the location you were given.  Wait, what?!

BEWARE: Fake Ticket Scam Targeting Illinois Festival-Goers


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Yeah, scammers are now making fake events to take advantage of concert, festival, and live music fans.  They create legitimate-looking social media accounts, websites, and even send you emails pretending to be from the festival.  Always double-check before you buy!

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Here are some quick tips to avoid getting scammed:

  1. Buy from official sources: Stick to trusted ticket vendors, ALWAYS.  Many fake websites will have misspelled words in the fine print.
  2. Be cautious of deals "too good to be true": If tickets are way cheaper than usual, it’s probably a scam.
  3. Check reviews and feedback: See what others are saying about the seller.  If there are absolutely no reviews, it's a no-go.

Stay smart, enjoy your favorite music, and let’s make this summer scam-free!  Know what to look out for and don't get scammed out of hundreds, even thousands, of dollars next time you buy those front row tickets!

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