If you've been living under a rock, everything is expensive now.

It's a shocker; even the most budget-friendly items come with a hefty price tag these days.

Traditionally, fast food has been a savior in keeping our expenses in check.

Then again, we continue to live in "unprecedented times," so prices must match the zaniness of our daily lives.

However, some states manage to keep the costs of carryout or drive-thru down, often due to lower operating costs, lower taxes, or a lower cost of living.


But here's the kicker: Illinois doesn't quite fit that bill.

According to the website Bravo Deal, Illinois is one of the most expensive states for "takeaway" in America.

While we're not Maryland, California, New Jersey, New York, or Hawaii, the five most expensive states, with the Aloha State being the most costly, Illinois is still represented.

Bravo Deal took a look at the cost of:

  • A medium cheese pizza at Domino's ($14.49)
  • A Big Mac from McDonald's ($4.55)
  • A chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A ($3.48)
  • A combo meal from Taco Bell ($6.60)

They added all of them up and posted a final score (4.33).

Worse, Illinois is the only state from the Midwest listed in the top 20, with only Minnesota joining the fray at #19.

Wisconsin ranked 35th overall, with Indiana 37th.

Iowa landed in the top ten for cheapest, with Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama as the least expensive in America.

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