I was today years old when I learned there are two different types of Pizza Hut restaurants.

The truth is, I didn't even know you could tell the difference between Pizza Hut locations but you can, and believe it or not, someone has a full list of all the "classics" left.

abekanan via Tik Tok
abekanan via Tik Tok

"Left" might be the wrong way to describe what is happening with these "old" restaurants.

Roland Pujols:

In 2019, Pizza Hut brought back its 1974 logo, banking on its nostalgic appeal. I figured that would be the end of it, just a simple marketing tactic soon forgotten. There were no plans announced to bring back the logo in stores, much less redesign the restaurants to look like old Pizza Huts from the chain’s heyday.

But with no fanfare whatsoever, that’s exactly what’s been happening. Pizza Hut has been taking legacy stores and converting them into “Classics.”

abekanan via Tik Tok
abekanan via Tik Tok

Here's how you can discern a regular Pizza Hut from a Classic Pizza Hut:

  • The old logo with the word classic underneath
  • Red booths and old-school Pizza Hut lamps
  • Stickers featuring "Pizza Hut Pete" on the door
  • Posters displaying classic pics from old Pizza Huts
  • A plaque outside "celebrating" Pizza Hut heritage
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Here's an inside look at one of two Pizza Hut Classics in Illinois:

@abekananNostalgia at the Last Classic Pizza Hut in Illinois♬ original sound - Abe Kanan

This one is at 1049 South Oakwood Avenue in Geneso while the other is located at 118 West Center Street in Eureka.

If you do go, please let me know if they have the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. Nothing screams "classic" like a Pizza Hut lunch buffet.

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