Do you like scary movies but not so much you're willing to give up nights of sleeping easily?

I get it. Some scary movies are so disturbing they stick with me days after the credits run.

If you're like me, a list from the AV Club called "15 Great Movies for Scaredy Cats" is purr-fect, get it?

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Even better there's a small slice of local flavor in one of the 15 movies listed being that it's apparently set in Illinois.

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AV Club on Something Wicked This Way Comes:

The creepy tale centers on a carnival that sets up shop overnight in a small town in 1930s Illinois. Best friends Will Halloway (Vidal Peterson) and Jim Nightshade (Shawn Carson) are the first to realize that something is off about the new arrivals, led by a mysterious man not-so-subtly named Mr. Dark (Jonathan Pryce).


Do you remember this movie? I certainly do. I also remember it being way scarier than it must actually be considering Something Wicked This Way Comes was rated a "3" by AV Club for "Fright Factor."

Check out the trailer. There's something very off-putting about it and certainly creepy.

Here's the weirdest part about Something Wicked This Way Comes, it's a movie that was produced by Disney.

So maybe it's not scary considering it's a Disney flick but then again the movie came out in 1983 and was rated PG.

I feel like a lot has changed since then. How scary would you rate Something Wicked This Way Comes?

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