If you tend to drive down country roads or through foresty areas on your commute to and from work in Illinois, here's why you should be extra cautious in the coming months.

I used to drive to Byron, Illinois a few times a month to visit my friend and I was always really nervous to drive at night time.

To get to Byron from Rockford, you have to go through a heavily wooded area where deer are more than likely around, so I couldn't help but think a deer would jump out in front of my car.

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Why You Should Be On High Alert For Deer This Fall In Illinois

During fall in Illinois, it's the most active time of year for deer mating season, which means you'll probably encounter a lot more "deer in the headlights" situations.

Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois Department of Natural Resources are reminding motorists that autumn is accompanied by deer mating season in Illinois. During this time of year, deer become especially active, mainly at dawn and dusk from October through December. [dnr.illinois]

Sure, a collision can happen any time of year with deer but we are entering the peak season in Illinois.  I've come close many times to hitting a deer while driving through wooded areas and it's a very scary feeling.


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Here's what you should do if you hit a deer:

Pull off to the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights and report the accident to police.  Definitely stay in your vehicle because you don't know how the injured deer will react to human interaction.

Safe driving this fall and don't forget to keep ya eyes on the road!

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