A little joy and a little pain. That's how Rockford residents who live nearby and those who drive this busy southeast Rockford street are feeling.

The next big road construction project in Rockford created some major headaches but was very needed is almost complete, and the road will reopen soon.

The Five Seasons: Winter Spring Summer Fall and Road Construction


The calendar doesn't show it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We very much have an additional time of year referred to as Road Construction Season,


Road construction season will soon be replaced by bitter cold, snow, and ice. But for now, let's rejoice that a major traffic headache will soon be over.

But what's most interesting about the end of this particular road project is that some are sad to see it completed.


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"One of Rockford's worst conditioned roads" got the upgrade it needed and some residents who live on Charles Street are a little unhappy that it's over.

Since April there hasn't been any traffic, no speeding drivers, load trucks in the middle of the night, sirens whizzing past, nothing at all. For some, that was a nice change.

Rockford's Charles St. Road Construction Project is Complete

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This project's original completion date was August, but that date was missed due to unforeseen utility relocations that needed to happen, according to a story from MyStateline.com.

The nearly $6 million project included reconstructing a portion of Charles Street near East High School, installing concrete pavement, sidewalks, a multi-use path, storm sewer, curb and gutter, and traffic signal upgrades.

Charles St. lanes were also widened as part of the project as were pedestrian and cyclist crossing upgrades.

Charles Street Reopens

Charles Street in Rockford Reopens on Monday, October 9th

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