I dread waking up for work because it's at the butt crack of dawn.  Other Illinoisans would say they don't look forward to the boredom that comes with their job.

Majority of people go to work, get their job done, and can't wait to clock out.  I'm fortunate enough to be in a work environment that allows me to explore my creative side, surround myself with like-minded people, and never have to watch the time slowly pass by.  That sounds awful.

Whether I'm brainstorming, staying up-to-date on the latest celebrity news, or writing blogs like this, there's always something to keep my mind busy and stimulated.  For others, that is not always the case.

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Doing the same, repetitive work every day can get exhausting and boring, which makes us less motivated to keep pushing ourselves to complete our tasks.  Here are the most common reasons we find ourselves bored at work!

Top 7 Reasons Illinoisans Find Themselves Bored At Work

  1. Lack of motivation
  2. Work itself is boring
  3. Waiting on others
  4. Not enough work
  5. Limited social interaction
  6. The work is too easy
  7. Frequent interruptions

On average, Americans are bored nearly a quarter of their work day.  That stinks!  Work should be fun.  Why not be able to enjoy it a little bit at least?


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Whether you work in an office, a factory, in retail, fast food, or even customer service, it can feel like the day is just dragging on.  I've been there before and that's why I will never work an office job where I sit all day long - I'll fall asleep in my chair!

How can we cope with boredom in the workplace?  The easiest out is scrolling on social media.  That's what over 50% of us do to kill time.  Don't make a habit of it, though!

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