Summer is just a few months away and it's about time we start finding the best places to hit up for delicious beer in Illinois.

We consume so much beer in Illinois.  From concerts, to sporting events, to restaurants, someone always has a beer in their hand.  Can't change my mind!

I love enjoying a Bud Light when I see concerts at the BMO Harris Bank Center or when I go to Wrigley Field for a baseball game.  It hits different... you know what I mean?

Since we're headed into the warmer months and more outdoor events are starting to pick up again, it's time we find the best places to crack open a cold one.


When it comes to drinking beer, some places just seem to do it better than others.

Springfield was crowned the top place in the Illinois for Beer Lovers!

If you've never been to Obed and Isaac's Microbrewery and Eatery, they have the most beers in all of Springfield.

"With two restaurants and breweries located in Central Illinois, Obed & Isaac's Microbrewery offers a unique dining and drinking experience." [connshg]


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How was it determined which cities in America were the BEST for Beer Lovers?

"The rankings in each state across America were determined by highest capita of breweries within city limits for municipalities with populations over 100,000." [wcia]

So if you're looking to try some new breweries in Illinois and consider yourself a beer connoisseur, consider hitting up Springfield this summer!

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