Being a cat mom means my babies' health comes first, always.  Since my vet closed permanently in Rockford, I have been looking for a new vet that's trustworthy and reputable.

I might not have kids of my own, but my cats are my children!  If you're a pet parent, you know the feeling of when your pets get sick.  You never know if it's a life or death situation, so you want to get them looked at right away.

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You can't just pick any vet to take them to... you want to feel confident, comfortable, and hope you can trust the people in your pet's care, right?

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After talking to tons of friends and family with pets, they all gave me some amazing suggestions on the best vets in the Rockford and surrounding areas.  I wanted to share them with anyone looking for a new vet for their babies, too!

Best Animal Vets in the Rockford Area For Cats & Dogs

My furbaby, Noodles, has allergies in the summer time and a little bit of asthma, so it's really important I found a place that will take his health seriously and not just overlook his issues.

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If you have an animal vet you love taking your pets to, please send them my way so I can add to the list!  It's important to get our pets the best care possible and have more than enough options to choose from!

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