Get your paper plate ready, there's one food that Illinoisans love to pair with their sizzling hot dogs and hamburgers this Fourth of July.

Fourth of July in Illinois isn't complete without fireworks, drinking with friends, and, of course, delicious food.  Nearly $8 billion is spent on food for July 4th every year.  WILD!

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You'd expect the most popular dish in Illinois to be something meaty like ribs or brats, but surprisingly those aren't it.  I would've guessed watermelon!


Illinois' Favorite Fourth Of July Food Will Leave You Gassy

According to Time2Play, they found every state's favorite Fourth of July food and ours isn't as exciting as most of the other states.

Illinois' favorite July 4th food: BAKED BEANS.  


If you're having a party this holiday, are you makin' baked beans?  I've never actually heard of anybody really obsessed with them until now.

Like, c'mon now.  Why couldn't we be like Wisconsin and like potato salad more?!

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I'm not totally sure what the appeal is with baked beans, but I know I would not want to eat a bunch of beans before celebrating and partying with tons of people.

TMI: Maybe it's just me, but I know myself all too well.  I'd be in the bathroom all night after "accidentally" eating way too many baked beans...  


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Other states have deviled eggs, brisket, pizza, and fried chicken as their top food choice.

All I gotta say is if you're going to be around a lot of people on the Fourth and love baked beans, I hope you're not gassy all night long.  That'd be a nightmare!

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