Napping: is it the ultimate secret to productivity? New survey results are out, and they unveil some juicy insights into how Americans catch their Z's. Let's dive in!

A new study conducted by the Shane Co. asked over 3,200 people across America about their nap habits. What they discovered are some interesting tidbits about how different states approach the art of napping.

The Goldilocks Nap Length

How long is the perfect nap? On average, folks across the nation agree that a 55-minute nap is just right to wake up feeling refreshed.

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Napping on the Job

Have you ever slept on the job? Believe it or not, 15%, or a sneaky three out of every 20 respondents, admitted to grabbing some shut-eye while on the clock at work. Power naps at the office, anyone?


But napping doesn't do wonders for everyone. Over 30% of those surveyed said they don't feel any more rested after a nap. Maybe they need a few tips from the expert nappers!

Indiana's Nap Scene

Hoosiers make napping look like an Olympic sport, tallying an impressive 115 hours of nap time in a year. They're not just taking naps; they're running a nap marathon! And they're doing it frequently, too. Indiana residents take a whopping 107 naps in a year, proving their commitment to the noble art of napping. Indiana nappers have a clear favorite spot: their trusty beds are the go-to choice for a quality snooze. As for their favorite time to nap, Indiana breaks from the norm, favoring Monday for their midday energy recharge with afternoon naps.

So, it's official: napping is a widespread phenomenon in the US, but each state has its unique twist on it. While napping doesn't work its magic for everyone, the folks in Indiana are true nap enthusiasts, with a high nap frequency and a penchant for afternoon naps.

[Source: Shane Co.]

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