I feel like we're always talking about the great breweries that we have around Rochester, Minnesota. So let's give our local wineries some love! And we have quite a few that are all within less than 90 minutes of Rochester.

If you're a big wine drinker then you'll definitely want to add these wineries to a bucket list of some sort. And you may want to go check one of them out tomorrow because Thursday, October 12th is Drink Local Wine Day.

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Drink Local Wine Day

Support your favorite local winery or go visit a new one tomorrow in support of Drink Local Wine Day. I didn't know this day existed until now but I think it's great. It's awesome to promote supporting local small businesses.

Rochester, Minnesota Winery

In Rochester we only have one winery, and that's Salem Glen Winery They're on the southwest side of town, south of the Mayowood Mansion but not as far south as the airport.

Salem Glen Winery, Facebook
Salem Glen Winery, Facebook

The other well-known winery that's quite close to Rochester is Four Daughters in Spring Valley.

Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery, Facebook
Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery, Facebook

I haven't gone to Salem Glen yet, so I should probably add that to my list of places to go! But I have been to Four Daughters and would highly recommend checking them out.

Wineries Near Rochester, MN

Going a bit further from Rochester there are quite a few wineries to choose from. Within the hour and a half time frame, there are some in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and northern Iowas that made our list.

Let me know which one's your favorite!

Enjoy wine at one of these 19 wineries near Rochester, Minnesota

Grab your girlfriends and head out for a weekend (or two) for the best summer adventure ever - winery tours! Ok, you don't have to take an actual tour of the winery. This is more of a sit-down and enjoy a glass of their homemade goodness with a few of your friends. Start your adventure by checking out a few of these places near Rochester, Minnesota.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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