If you're someone who shops at a Minnesota Walmart, you might be owed some money. That's because there were customers at tons of Walmart locations who were overcharged for their purchases.

So if you shopped at Walmart in mid-March, you could be owed some money.

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Walmart Accidentally Overcharged Customers

Sometime in mid-March, a system within Walmart had a glitch that "kept price data from accurately being received by self-checkout kiosks" at the affected stores, according to Bloomberg.

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That meant that people were being inaccurately charged for thousands of items purchased over the next few days before the issue was discovered. Food, clothing, and electronics were all affected during this period.

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Refunds are Being Issued by Walmart

After Walmart fixed the issue a spokesperson said they "made it a priority to refund customers who were overcharged", according to Supermarket News.

However, there were also people who got a deal that they shouldn't have and were charged less than the actual price. Walmart said they "did not take action on the undercharges with our customers".

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Unfortunately, Walmart did not release a list of affected stores but 1,600 stores were affected by this issue. If you were impacted by this, Walmart either has already reached out to you or will soon. According to AL News, more than 80% of the overcharged customers have been refunded.

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