National Restaurant News just released an article on the most loved chain restaurants in the US and the top restaurant surprised me. When you think of chain restaurants, you probably think of Mcdonald's, Taco Bell, Culvers, and the largest chain in Minnesota, Subway.

Those are all popular places to grab a bite, but America's favorite chain is a little more upscale. Check out the chain that America loves the most below. The rankings were determined from a survey where people shared their opinions on service, ambiance, food and drinks, convenience, takeout, and value.

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Chain restaurants are popular for a bunch of reasons. One big thing is consistency with menu items and quality. I know the spinach dip at the Applebees in Minneapolis is going to be available and taste the same as the dip at the Applebees in Memphis.

Chain restaurants are also convenient, with quick and efficient service, making them a go-to for folks with busy schedules. Plus, a lot of chain spots are budget-friendly, offering good value for the money.

America's Favorite Chain Has Only One Restaurant in Minnesota

Most of the top ten restaurants like Smoothie King, Bahama Breeze Caribbean Grill, and Seasons 52 you won't find in Minnesota. I haven't heard of most of the chains that made it on this list, but the top restaurant does have one spot here in Minnesota and is gearing up to open another one soon.


America's favorite chain restaurant is Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

The high-end steakhouse, known for its delicious food and incredible service, currently only has one location in Minnesota - 920 2nd Ave S Suite 100 in Minneapolis. A second restaurant is opening this spring in Rochester. 

The team at Eat This Not That! dove into the customer survey and found people love the "Ruth's Chris experience but aren't as happy with the prices." It is an expensive restaurant, but you pay for what you get, and you're treated like royalty at Ruth's Chris.

Most common fast food chains in Minnesota

Stacker compiled a list of the most common chain restaurants in Minnesota using data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech.

Gallery Credit: Stacker


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