A Wisconsin couple's surprise birth happened during the start of snowstorm.

A baby boy named Micah Daniel Beck made a dramatic entry into the world when he was born in a McDonald’s parking lot in Hales Corners, during a snowstorm. His parents, Analysia and Daniel Beck of Muskego, Wisconsin, realized they wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time for the birth after Analysia’s contractions began early on a Friday morning.

Rushing To The Hospital

As the couple hurried towards the hospital, with Analysia's mother driving behind them, they realized they would have to improvise when it became clear that the baby was on his way. They quickly pulled into the McDonald's parking lot, just five minutes down the road. Firefighters and EMTs from the Hales Corners Fire Department arrived on the scene and successfully delivered baby Micah in the car.

He Was A Snow Baby

"He came straight out into the snow. So it literally snowed on his face for probably 10 minutes. That was his first experience in the world," mother Analysia Beck said.

Firefighter and EMT Brianna Baltutis described the birth as something she will always remember. She said It was nice to see the other side of it and help somebody deliver their child.

Muskego couple's surprise birth happened during start of snowstorm
Muskego couple's surprise birth happened during start of snowstorm

Micah Daniel, tipping the scales at just over eight pounds, earned the affectionate nickname Mickey D's after his unusual birthplace.

"We didn't even realize until the jokes started kind of pouring in that it could be shortened from Micah Daniel to Mickey D's or Mick D's or something. He was already starting to call him McFlurry," Analysia said.


Both Micah and Analysia are healthy after the impromptu birth, with plans for Micah to try a Happy Meal as soon as possible. He joins a big brother and big sister in the Beck family.

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