If you bought a lottery ticket in Illinois over the weekend, you should probably check it.

Unless it's a scratch-off, it can be easy to forget you bought a lottery ticket and you actually should pay attention to the next drawing. But if you bought a lottery ticket in Illinois over the weekend, you should probably check it. Now.


It wasn't Megamillions or Powerball, but it's still a chunky payday. Lucky Day Lotto is a game exclusive to the Illinois Lottery and draws winning numbers twice a day.

Illinois lottery officials told NBC Chicago that an iLottery ticket was sold that won $700,000 from the drawing on Monday night. The ticket matched all five numbers (which were 8, 10, 21, 36, 41) to win the big prize.

That ticket wasn't the only winning lottery ticket in Illinois over the weekend. Officials say over 145,000 winning tickets were sold over the long weekend, totaling over $1 million in prizes.

If you happen to have those numbers on your iLottery ticket, two things: do you want to be friends? And also, you have one year from Monday to claim your prize, if for whatever insane reason you don't want to go ahead and get it now. Until you get to go pick up that massive check, you're advised to go ahead and sign your name on the back of the ticket.

You can get more details about the Illinois Lottery and their games on the lottery's website. Meanwhile, until we hit the jackpot, we'll be happy with winning $5 on a scratch-off.

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