Local artists have the chance to step up and create a beautiful mural in Moline.

Quad City Arts has teamed up with the Moline Public Art Commission for the design and installation of a new mural on the west-facing brick wall at 1405 5th Avenue. It's only a few blocks away from Mercado on Fifth and Quad City Arts said that the new mural is "intended to enhance community pride". Here's where it will go:


What They Want The Art To Be

On the creative side of the project, here's the art guidelines from the mural project's website:

  • No 'welcome' verbiage or explicit City of Moline reference
  • Not a picture of the river or river elements

Jeff Dismer, Moline Public Art Commission Chair, said about the new project:

We are excited to implement this major art installation to be funded by the City of Moline through our commission. Earlier this year we sponsored the installation of four public sculptures through the rotating sculpture program with Quad City Arts, and the 5th Avenue Mural will build on our goals to enhance the richness of character and make our downtown a more vibrant place to live, work, play, visit and learn.

The group wants an experienced artist who is at least 18 years old to tackle this project and the design doesn't have to cover the whole open area. And it's also a $30,000 commission. If you're up to the task, you have until September 22nd to submit your artwork to Quad City Arts.

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